As an artist, I find that my greatest joy in life is that of experience. To choose to live every moment fully, letting go of the fear of being “left behind” in fast paced schedules. Creating with fine art mediums allows me to experience the process in full, by expressing emotion in an authentic, hands-on way. Every stroke of paint and mark of pencil holds purpose and beauty all its own, yet is part of a bigger picture. 
    Finding beauty within the simplest of simple things awakens deep appreciation for detail. It is something that I strive to celebrate, and through my work I feel like I reveal a practice of patience and an appreciation for things often overlooked. Observing the artistry in all of creation awakens in me a feeling of fresh joy and desire to create.

Imagery relating to the sun is endlessly inspiring to me. Metaphors of reflection, life and God awaken in the warmth of sunlight. I can’t help but be moved by it, as it truly is by the light that we are able to see. I find that a simple sunset prompts endless deep contemplation. As the sky explodes with awe-inspiring colour, all are called to stop in their tracks to watch the sun sink into the horizon. But when we turn our backs to the sun, this is when creation’s response can be seen. It is a softer sort of beauty, blues and purples fading into darker hues as a few stars begin to dot the sky. We can see the world attempt to reflect the colours that the sun displays, but it can never quite match in equal splendor. This quiet response of beauty makes this time special, because without the fierce brightness of the sun, we might never appreciate the soft coolness of the evening. As in my paintings, all that I do is in response of being in awe of God and all that He has made; my response is soft and quiet, yet done with a burning heart.


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Teanna Sterkenburg Artist Portfolio - 2019